Bread Feast Dinners

Photo Credit: Matt Demma

“Bread Feast” is a unique dinner conceived by Bread Furst’s owner, Mark Furstenberg, and by Frank Ruta, chef and owner of Palena, that was for more than a decade a jewel of Cleveland Park. This intimate single menu, fixed price dinner is served family-style over four courses created by Chef Ruta and his sous chef Aggie Chin and by Bread Furst’s pastry kitchen.


The menu will rest on the availability of fresh and seasonally-appropriate ingredients.  And, of course, a variety of fresh, in-house baked breads will be abundantly available throughout the dinner. Breads will come from Bread Furst's bakery and head baker, Ben Arnold.


Ticketed guests are invited to arrive starting at 7:00 pm. Upon arrival, guests will join the “stand and mingle” first course of the evening, a selection of antipasti.  Guests may also choose to order drinks at the counter bar that will be supplied by our venerable neighbor, Calvert Woodley. 


At 7:30, a tiny ringing bell will summon guests to their tables – either to the larger communal seating or to the handful of smaller tables.  Guests will then be offered a selection of drinks just before the second course is introduced family-style.  Pastas or seafood dishes will make regular second-course appearances. The course may often be a “build-your-own” style, such as a buckwheat pasta in one dish, mushrooms in another, and cheese in a third.


Examples of a third course are grains with farro for vegetarians and a breast of lamb accompanied by vegetables for others. Throughout the evening, wines, beer, and other beverages will continue to be available for order.


Dessert will arrive for the tables.  Offerings will vary from Feast to Feast, and will be prepared by Jack Revelle, pastry chef of Bread Furst, and his staff.  Preparations may include seasonal fruits, chocolate, custards, pies, and cakes.  The dinner ticket also includes tea, coffee and filtered water.


Dinner is expected to end at around 10:00 pm


* If our guests prefer to bring their own wine, they are welcome to do so and we will charge a small corking fee.

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