Bread Feast FAQs

How much does a dinner ticket cost, and what does it include?


A dinner ticket costs $85. It pays for food, coffee, tea and filtered water. The dinner consists of four food courses, beginning with our “stand and mingle” antipasto.  The ticket price includes taxes and gratuity for dinner service. 


Is there anything not included in my ticket price?


Yes, alcoholic beverages (wine, beer and cocktails) and non-alcoholic beverages (iced tea, sodas and sparkling water), plus tax and gratuity associated with these purchases.  These will be billed on the evening of service.


Where can I purchase a dinner ticket?


Dinner tickets are available only on-line, under the “Bread Feast Dinners” tab of the Bread Furst website. 


When is the new Bread Feast menu posted and how long does it run?


Each weekly Bread Feast Dinner menu will be posted the prior Sunday at 5:30 pm, which is two days in advance of the first seating for that menu. There will be one seating per evening, starting at 7:00 pm.  You will find it at the “Bread Feast Dinners” tab of our website under the drop down called “This Weeks Feast”.


What about allergies or other dietary preferences or restrictions?


The weekly Bread Feast Dinner menu will offer vegetarian alternatives at each dinner course. Because preparation and service of the Bread Feast courses are family-style, we are unable to accommodate food allergies/dietary restrictions or make substitutions to the menu.


When should I arrive?


The cocktail and antipasto service will begin at 7:00 pm.  As it will last only 30 minutes, you should arrive promptly at 7:00 pm.


What if I cannot make dinner for the date of my ticket purchase? Can I change my date to a different evening or get a refund?


No, we do not refund or exchange tickets for different dates. You may give away or sell your ticket (please note that selling tickets for greater than face value may be illegal). Tickets purchased from a source other than Bread Furst are at the purchaser's risk.


Will you sell tickets at the door, i.e., take walk-ins?


Yes, but only if there are unsold tickets one hour before the opening of Bread Feast.  There will be only one seating per evening so, if you want a guaranteed seat, we advise purchasing on-line, as soon as possible after tickets go on sale.


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