Independance Day Specials!

We will be taking pre-orders for all items all week!


On an even better note, Chef will be grilling...yup. grilling, on our patio all day Saturday July 4th, featuring hot dogs on our olive oil hot dog buns.


Chef Furstenberg will be grilling!!!! 


∞ whole wheat brioche hamburger buns ∞

∞ olive oil hot dog buns, sold in packs of 8 ∞

∞ iced star cookies ∞

∞ cherry pies, small and large ∞

∞ summer berry pies, small and large ∞

∞ lime meringue pies ∞

∞ chocolate caramel pie ∞


The pastries will be ready by the start of next week.
The buns will be ready for sale on Thursday.


We will be open at 8A.M. and closing at 5 P.M.