We will not be able to take any more advanced orders for Thanksgiving.

Plenty of Pies, Bread and Savory Foods will be available all week if you stop in!

Holiday Pies 


Pumpkin pie — $28
Bourbon Pecan pie — $28
Apple pie — $28

Open on Thanksgiving morning from 8 am - 12 pm for Pick-ups and walk-ins!


Special Breads


Brioche Dinner rolls
(twelve per pan)
 — $12


Dinner Preparations


Turkey Stuffing - Our breads softened with stock & flavored with herbs and onions.   Ready for in or out of the bird. — $11/lb

Torn Bread -  A base for your own home made stuffing - $6 per bag

Cranberry Sauce  - Sweetened& flavored with orange - $11/lb

Mashed Potatoes - Traditional with butter & cream - $11/lb


Roasted Brussels Sprouts - Flavored with balsamic vinegar & walnuts — $11/lb

Potato gratin -  Idaho potatoes sliced & layered with butter, cream and Parmesan. Just reheat.  — $11/lb

Mixed Fall Salad - Pears, celery, radicchio, charred carrot & fennel with a ginger dressing  — $11/lb


Mushroom Soup - Clear and favorable vegetable broth with a variety of herbs & vegetables — $12/qt

Turkey Gravy A rich gravy made with our turkey stock and giblets. - $10/qt






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We are open daily from 8am until 6pm.